Mom and daughter talking

Learning to speak and pronounce correctly sometimes requires special attention. Not every child learns one or more languages easily. Language acquisition is very sensitive. Language is an essential consequence of making contact with other people. Children with difficulties in language development find it difficult to relate to other children and adults. Language development is also fundamental for learning to read and write later on, and thus for learning success.

I can accompany your child and you on this path by turning my attention to language, looking at where your child stands and showing how it can be supported in its language development.

So that your child gets security in dealing with the language and in communicating with his environment.

I offer:

Speech therapy

For articulation disorders
For phonological disorders
Myofunctional disorders
Grammar disorders
Late Talker Therapy
Speech therapy for multilingualism

Parental counseling

In case of uncertainties and questions
For bilingualism
Individual and one-to-one coaching

Therapy also available in English and partially in French.
Currently the offer is valid for private patients and self-payers.

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